Four Chapters of a Successful Life

Apple Company is one of the best brands. There is no doubt about it. There may be few who are not attracted to this company. For millions of consumers around the world, every product of this company is highly anticipated. No matter how expensive it is. They are emotionally attached to the services and facilities offered by this company. Not only this, they also connect the products of Apple with their personalities. There are other great companies in the world as competitors. However, most consumers are loyal to Apple. This is one of their first choices. Why after all? One of the main reasons is product design.

The product design of the Apple Company has been led by designer Jony Ive since 1979. Jony had a significant role in the design of the best products like iMac, MacBook, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch. The success of the Apple Company is attributed to Jony’s product design capabilities. On June 27, 2019, he decided to leave Apple, which was incredible and sensational. He had nothing to worry about as being Apple’s chief design officer. He had the name, honor, and money.

Despite all this, why did he decide to leave Apple and set up an independent design company ‘LoveFrom’ after 27 years? Why he leaves a prestigious and secure job and choose a path to an uncertain future? How can this decision be understood?

For this, his resignation can be summed up by some official statements on the subject. He said, ‘We spent about thirty years in the Apple Company. We collaborated on countless projects. During this period, we have been very proud of the level of hard work we have put into building the organization’s design team, process, and culture. Now the history of this group organization is very strong, energetic and powerful. I am confident that this team will be led by my supportive colleagues. I am confident that I will have the opportunity to work with the design colleagues of Apple in the near future. ‘ Likewise, he made it clear that the purpose of his resignation was, “In fact, I wanted to contribute differently to the project I worked for at Apple Company for a number of years now.”

Various conclusions can be drawn from these statements. First, He had achieved all he could by staying affiliated with the Apple Company. He was ranked number one among Apple’s One million thirty-two thousand employees! Even in his absence, he felt that the institute could be at the forefront of the design aspect. He wanted to transfer the leadership to another co-worker. Second, he wanted freedom. He worked for 27 years as an employee of the same organization. He worked in the design of technical products. Always the same organization, same coworker, same kind of work. He wanted to change this situation, wanted to make an impact outside the technology company, wanted to work on a separate plan.

So he registered for a new design company. He started a new chapter for entrepreneurship by ending the life-limiting chapter on employees. Now he is relieved of the obligation to design only the product of a technology company. Now he is free to design whatever he wants. His scope of work has become even wider. It took him almost three decades to change the chapter of life. Will he find success or failure in this new chapter? There is no option to wait for it. For now, let’s talk about some of the internationally-known people who change the life of the chapter.

Donald Trump:

Before entering politics he was a successful businessman and television personality. He paused the business chapter and started a political chapter. In the meantime, on June 16, 2015, at the Trump Tower publicized his candidacy for US president. Surprising Hillary Clinton and all critics in the 2016 election, he was elected as the 45th President of the United States.

Bill Gates:

From 1975 to 1999, Bill Gates led Microsoft Company as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman. This period was his professional chapter. In January 2000, he resigned from the position of chief executive officer and became president. In the same year, he founded the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a private charity, together with his wife. He also promoted the business as well as philanthropic activities. Philanthropy was the new chapter for him. In 2006, he decided to work part-time at Microsoft Company and full time at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Since retiring from Microsoft in 2014, he is currently more focused on philanthropic work. And, like a business, he is equally successful in philanthropy.

Brian Acton:

In 2009 he co-founded WhatsApp with Jan Koum. Facebook bought WhatsApp in February 2014 for $ 19 billion. In that agreement, both the founders were also given shares. For Brian, working on Facebook was a new chapter in his life, but he was not successful. For Brian, working on Facebook was a new chapter in his life, but he was not successful. For Brian, working on Facebook was a new chapter in his life, but he was not successful. In September 2017, he left WhatsApp. The main reason for this was the disagreement with Facebook over WhatsApp monetization issues.

From the context of people like Donald Trump, Bill Gates, and Brian Acton, one thing is clear: Successful and unsuccessful being involved in a new chapter in life. The same principle applies to ‘Jony Ive’. Why only this thing on Jonny? May apply to anyone. There are many chapters in life that go on and on. Sometimes education, career, sometimes family, sometimes business, philanthropy, health, sometimes spirituality have to be started. Every chapter in life must be successfully lived. Have we considered life as a lesson for this? There are four stages to each chapter of life, depending on whether you understand it or not.

According to the Ipec coaching program, there are four stages: limbo, beginning, middle and ending. Let us briefly explain these four steps.


The limbo is the stage when a chapter of life ends and the beginning of a new chapter begins. That means, uncertain situation. This phase is also known as the low energy phase. The effects of the results obtained from the conclusion of the previous chapter are to be dealt with at this stage. Whether it be positive or negative. The person at this stage often suffers from a victim mentality. He does not believe in his abilities. He experiences loneliness, isolation, stress, and fear. They have no energy to act. There is no willpower. Therefore, he had no success in anything.

Frankly, they have no purpose. He is unaware of the future. It is very challenging to be at this stage. That’s why most people want to get rid of this stage as soon as possible. However, it does not do enough internal work. By the end of this phase, many vision develops in everyone. Although a clear picture of different opportunities is available, the decision is not made.

The following can be done to enter from this stage to the next step.

• Be balanced, stress-free and confident about achieving new goals

• Engage in activities that bring ultimate happiness

• Be prepared to work in a new field that was neglected in the past

• Do not engage in any type of addiction, do not get distracted

• Recognize your value and set goals accordingly

• Take it easy to be alone, participate in a solo trip or retreat

• Imagine a new chapter in life.

Beginning step:

This phase is also known as the high energy phase. At this stage, there is a sense of new direction. The person at this stage is visionary. He remains clear on what he wants to do in life. He is optimistic about the future. He has a passion. There are plans to do something. Most people work excessively at this stage. It does not matter if you have to work extra hours. This phase involves training, work, and networking. You should be practical. In some cases, some problems may arise. Such as fear of failure, can be unsafe, uncertain feeling. There is also the possibility of giving up easily.

The following steps can be done to solve the complications that may arise in this step.

• Focus on training, build momentum

• Aim for a stable purpose, be optimistic

• Don’t give up, don’t go back to the old days

• Be prepared for the expected disruption

• Be willing to learn and be a serious student

• Finding high-level resource people, trainers and imitating them.

Middle step:

At this stage, the momentum has already been built. Success begins before the expected time. Not only this, there are incredible results. The person in this stage is at the highest level of life. Therefore, his importance is greater. Everyone wants to cooperate with him. Some problems may also arise at this stage. For example, the person at this stage has always had the illusion of being in a favorable position. The person is only busy at work. He has no desire to introspect.

The following can be done to enter the next step from this stage.

• Celebrate success

• Don’t doubt the extreme levels are transient

• Continuing work that is responsive, avoiding excessive work that may harm health

• Complete the work you started, master it

• Don’t rush to create too much at once

• Avoid physical pleasure and convenience

• Be prepared to tackle major obstacles

Ending Step:

Every chapter of life ends one day. Ending a chapter is not easy. A new chapter has to be explored. Most people do not want to end a chapter in their lives and start a new one. Why is it important to start a new chapter? Let’s try to understand it this way. If a person has done the same thing for two or three decades, then the enthusiasm for it decreases. The work done earlier seems to be meaningless. He cannot be happy. Creativity is dying. It creates a kind of emptiness. So he wants to do something new. That is the beginning of a new chapter. However, there is uncertainty. Re-victim mentality develops.

The following can be done to enter the limbo phase of the new chapter.

• Believe at the end of everything

• Don’t forget about the past

• Evaluating achievement

• Take some rest

• Look forward to the new chapter, stay tuned for it

• It is natural to have no plans

• Expect less work, results, and money

• Study new opportunities

Some Important Guidelines:

Life is a collection of different chapters. There are four steps that must be taken in each chapter. Assimilate each step. To rush from one stage to the next is not the right strategy for living. It may bring an accident.

Dare to close the old chapters in your life. You cannot be happy with one chapter while you are alive. Do not delay in starting a new chapter. You can get involved in a chapter in your life. That could be the chapter on the cration of new business. There may be chapters on a new career, lifestyle or relationship building. Be clear about the limbo and completion stages of each chapter.

It is ignorance to think that there is only one achievement in life. There are many ups and downs. Recognize that even when inactive, internal development happens. Take an example, Chinese bamboo. It does not germinate even for five to ten years when it is planted in bamboo soil. No matter how much water you add, even though weeding out, it does not rise at all. Bamboo invests time in developing the root system.

When five to ten years pass, the height of the bamboo increases at a rate of one foot every two days. So be confident even in the passive phase. Even if you do not see external success, internal development is taking place. Be patient.

At the end, which chapter of life are you in? And, at what stage of that chapter? Limbo or the beginning? Middle or ending? Be knowledgeable in that subject. You are not exempt from being unaware of the chapter and its stages in your life. Life cannot be rewritten, but a new chapter can be reconsidered. What do you think?

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