Preeti to Unicode Converter

Preeti to unicode converter converts tradational nepali font preeti to unicode, which is widely used in email and internet. Any Nepali font in nepali unicode is easily displayed in any computer machine. It is good idea to convert preeti font to unicode before sending or publishing any document in email or internet which are in preeti font.


Nepali Unicode Converter

Nepali Unicode is a converter and it is the easiest way to type in nepali unicode font. Type in nepali romanized font and it will automatically convert into Nepali Unicode font. This Nepali unicode is widely usable in any media, machine or browser. This can be used in chatting, emailing, messaging, facebook, twitter and many others.


Nepali Date Converter

Nepali Date Converter converts Nepali date to English date and vice versa. It is a date converter between Nepali Date B.S and English Date (A.D). Nepali Date Converter is a Web application which converts nepali date Bikram Sambat to English Date A.D and English Date A.D. to Nepali Date B.S and helps Nepalease people Around the world.

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