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Class 12 Comp. English – 2070

Exam Question Paper Model for English

Class: 12 | Year: 2070

F.M. – 100 | P.M. – 40 | Time: – 3 Hrs. 

Q.N.1. Read the following passage and answer the question given below. (5×3=15)

About 2500 years ago in Egypt, the wise men of the country had a problem that they were unable to solve. They wanted to know the height of a great pyramid. One man suggested that someone climb the pyramid and measure it. Somebody tried to do so, but the pyramid was tall and the sloping sides were slippery. While their wise men were trying to figure out how to climb the structure, somebody brought up another problem. “We still won’t know the actual height,” he said. “All that the workman could measure would be the length of the slope.”

Then somebody suggested that they consult Thales, a Greek scientist who was living in Egypt at the time. “Here is the way to measure the height of the pyramid,” he told them. “One of you must stand beside the pyramid in the mid-afternoon and watch your own shadow. When your shadow is the same length as the height of your body, then the length of the shadow of the pyramid will be the same height as the pyramid. Just measure the shadow”.

a. What was the problem which the Egyptians could not solve?
b. What was the objection against somebody climbing the pyramid and measuring height?
c. Who was Thales?
d. What advice did Thales give to the Egyptians about measuring the height of the pyramid?
e. Summarise the passage in your own words.

Q.N.2. Rewrite the sentences using (not) used to + ing. ( 5×1=5)

a) The traffic does not wake him up at night….
b) He is going to it hard work working on a building site…
c) He won’t mind if you stare at him…
d) I am not surprised he is out of breath…
e) Ooh, dear. I have got stomach-ache…

Q.N.3. Fill in the gaps below with for, in, until, or by. [5×1=5]

a) She studied medicine………the age of twenty-five.
b) He learnt to swim……..six weeks.
c) My father ran a bookshop…….two years.
d) We discussed politics…….three in the morning.
e) The concert was over …… half-past nine.

Q.N.4. Rewrite the following sentences using looks as if/looks as though. [5×1=5]

a) You see a man lying on the floor laughing.
b) You see a man lying underneath a car.
c) You can see people dancing in the next room.
d) You see a girl standing on the swimming pool, staring into the water.
e) You see a bunch of girls posing for photography.

Q.N.5. Change the following into indirect speech: Begin with the words given in brackets. [5×1=5]

i. (She asked) “Shall we go for a walk?”
ii. (He wanted to know from me) “What else would you suggest for the trip?”
iii. (He repeated) “I’m counting on your help”.
iv. (She questioned) “How does it feel like to ride a cable car?
v. (She insisted) “Let me take you home.”

Q No.6 Add one sentence to each situation: – [5×1=5]

Eg: Jack’s eyes were all red…
Ans: He had been peeling onions.

a) Angela was out of breath….
b) Peter was covered in dirt…
c) Shiela felt very cold…
d) Michael couldn’t stand up straight…
e) I was feeling sleepy…

Q.N.7. Ask the question with “How long….?” Give appropriate answers too.

a) Tim telephoned his father this morning. (five minutes)
b) Jane wrote an essay last night. (two hours)
c) William does not play the guitar anymore. (two years)
d) Cyril slept well last night. (Ten hours)
e) Liza has a cold. (three days)

Q.N.8. Write in about 150 words about the most memorable day in your student life at Higher Secondary School. [10]

Q.N.9. A magazine has asked its readers for their views on students participation in politics. Write in about 100 words to the magazine expressing your opinions. [5]

Q.N.10. Write an essay on “Alcoholism and Teenagers.” [10]

Q. N. 11. Write a paragraph with your impression on “Nepalese Education System” [5]

Q.N.12. Answer any five questions: – [5×3=15]

i. How is Karnali linked economically with the low land region to the south?
(Hurried Trip to Avoid a Bad Star)
ii. What Kinds of love experiences are suggested by Alyohin in ‘About Love’?
iii. What leads Nissani to the belief that the world is facing an overpopulation crisis?
iv. “‘A story’ is a humorous story”. Justify it.
v. What is the central idea of the Poem ‘The Lamentation of the old Pensioner’?
vi. Is death meaningful in the poem “Full Fathom Five Thy Father Lies”?

Q.N.13. Answer any two of the following questions. [1×10=10]

i. How does Hopkin praise god’s greatness in the poem ‘God’s Grandeur’?
ii. In the poem “Travelling Through the Dark” Stafford presents a great tension between two realities, two systems of life. Explain.

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