How to Make Children Skilful?

Gijubhai, a renowned educationist from India, spent his entire time as a teacher for child-friendly education.  Through their experience and use, these Gujarati language learners envisioned a useful teaching method for their children. He has also written many books, focusing on the right educational environment for children’s proper development.  Through the books, she has also urged the teachers to be responsible, drawing the attention of parents on the importance of the home environment for the meaningful learning and development of children.

Here are some of the pointers pointed out by Gijubhai about how to raise and educate children, translated from a blog called Education Discussion.

Let him do it himself:

The child has a passion for working on his own. Let him wash his handkerchief. Let him water it in a pot. Let him decorate the flower. Let him wipe the bowl. Let him remove the pea grains. Let him serve the food.  Let the child do all the work himself.


Whether it is nectar or poison in our eyes, the sweetness in our speech or the timidity, the softness or the harshness in our touch, the peace or disturbance in our mind, the respect or disrespect in our heart, the child detects these immediately. Do not give them the fear of ghosts. Eat, lest the thief takes it. Shut up, otherwise, I will lock you in the room. Just read it, otherwise, I will beat. Those who intimidate the child in this way are enemies of the child.

Heaven on earth:

If we give children, a proper place in our home, then heaven can be created on our earth. Heaven is in the happiness of the child. Heaven is in the health of the child. Heaven is at the pleasure of the child. Heaven is in the innocent fun of a child. Heaven is in the song and murmur of the child.

Great Spirit:

The baby’s body is small, but his spirit is great. The child’s body is growing.  The power of the baby is developing. However, his spirit is perfect. Let us honour that spirit. Let us not pollute the pure spirit of children through our wrong practices and policies. Be aware that a child is a complete human being. The child has intelligence, emotion, mind, and understanding. The child has feelings and deficiencies, likes and dislikes. Let us know the wishes of the child. Let us remember the feelings of the child. The child is Unconscious and innocent. Let us not reject the child because of our ego. We should not insult children because of hubris.


The baby has to eat himself, you do not feed him. Have the baby bathe himself, you should not bathe him. The child has to walk on his own; don’t hold his hands. Have the child sing for you, don’t make him sing. The kid has to play himself, so you don’t get in the middle of it.

Because the child wants self-help:

Not so? Take the child to the garden instead of going to the playground. Instead of getting caught in the cave, take the child to the zoo. Don’t just sit in the newspaper and listen to your baby. Tell your child good stories at bedtime. Show a keen interest in everything the child does, respect the self-sufficient child for this reason, so that we can have a sense of self-esteem. Don’t abuse, intimidate your child. So that we can get rid of our bad habits of bullying and intimidation. Do not beat the baby so that it can destroy our animal behaviour. Only by improving ourselves can we develop our child properly.

Fear and greed:

Mother, father and teacher should understand that the child would not listen to you by beating or showing greed instead, they are worsening. After being beaten, the child feels more intense. Children show greed by showing greed. Fear and greed make children feel shameless, anxious, stubborn, and impotent.

Beautiful world, home:

If a parent thinks that their child can be cultured regardless of their conduct, that is a big mistake. Parents and home are the greatest and most powerful things in the world. God can’t repair a broken child at home!

Nature’s Gift:

How can a child who is far from nature know about the diversity of nature! The flickering moon, the flowing river, the soil of the field, the house of straw, the stone of the sky, the colour of the sky and the open air are all gifts that a child has received from nature. Let the child enjoy nature as long as it pleases.


The baby is a creature growing momentarily. A child’s eyes are always asking questions. A child’s heart keeps talking. The child’s grammar consists of questions and utterances. Nevertheless, the period is nowhere. A child means constant motion where there is no comma.


The home environment is often unsettled by the conflicts between parents and other older people. This makes the baby very upset. Let us learn to live life happily at home, not for anything else but for our children. The child can get a good education in the quiet and happy environment of the home. Living books, which acquire knowledge by reading books, they become teachers.

Living treatise:

Those who gain knowledge by reading a book, they become teachers. Those who gain knowledge by reading to the child, they become educators. Every child is a capable, unique and living treatise for the educator.

The power of the child:

You can betray the whole world, but you cannot deceive your children. You can fool everyone, but you can never fool your children. You can hide everything, but you cannot hide anything from your children. Children are omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent.

Gossiping is useless:

If we are reading, thinking, and writing, will our work be accomplished? No, we have to build a new temple of education and establish a Saraswati Devi that is still inaccessible in those temples. A new era has begun for children. Just talking does nothing. Do something!

How can I have peace?

How do I have peace as long as the children are beaten at home, and abused at school? How can I find peace until school, library, garden and playground for children are closed? How can I have peace, unless the children are loved and respected?

According to Gijubhai:

The children gave me love and made me rich. Kids gave me a new life. I also learned a lot while teaching children. I also read a lot while teaching children.

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